282 John C. Calhoun Dr, Orangeburg, SC  29115
A variety of shop supplies are consumed when we, Superior Honda, service vehicles.  These supplies include, but are not limited to, protective covers, cleaners, solvents, lubricants, gaskets, fasteners, and the like. 

Our accountant has determined that the most equitable way to spread the cost of these supplies over the many vehicles that we service is to add a small percentage of the total cost to each service invoice.  The fee that we charge may also include a reasonable profit much like the profit we generate from sale of parts and labor.  Therefore, an additional charge of 15% of the total labor, not to exceed $20, will be added to service invoices. 

A detailed list of these supplies can be viewed below :

Rags / Towels
Rubber Gloves
Fender Covers
Floor Mats (paper)
Brake Cleaner
Nuts & Bolts
Wire & Hoses
Technician light bulbs
Butane / Propane
Welding Gases (Oxygen ,Nitrogen, Aragon)
Welding Blankets
Oil Change Labels
Upholstery Wipes
Hand Cleaner & Wipes
Floor Cleaner, Oil Dry, Cleaning
Clamps, Straps, Ties, Connectors
Tape, sealant, glue
Razor Blades
Window washer Fluid
Special tools
MPI forms
Time tickets forms
Tire Supplies/wheel weights
Paper and toner products
Office supplies