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Superior Honda goes to great lengths to get you approved.  We use a variety of lender to get you the best rate possible.  Fill out our secure online application to get the process started.


Unsure about your credit?  Let our credit rebuilding team help.  Fill our secure online application to get started.


Superior Honda offers a programs like extended warranties, theft guard, credit life insurance and GAP insurance to protect your investment.  Be sure to discuss all your options with your finance manager during your next vehicle purchase. 

Extended Warranty.  Extended warranty is a prolonged warranty offer on your new or used vehicle.

Gap Insurance.  Gap insurance will insure one for the difference between what one would owe on a vehicle and what an insurance company says it's worth. This insurance is a smart investment to protect yourself in event of an accident.

Theft-Gard.  Every thirty seconds a car is stolen in the U.S. by a professional car thief. Unfortunately, only about half are ever recovered. The staggering statistics are that 1.4 million cars were stolen last year, which represents 7.6 billion dollars in losses to the American car owner.  Theft-gard's assurance plan will, for each registered owner, pay the sum specified, if applicable by your contract upon verification of your primary insurance company's reimbursement and a police report.

Credit Life.  Credit Life pays off the consumer's remaining debt on a specific loan account if the borrower passes away during the term of the coverage.


Disability Insurance. Disability Insurance helps meet payment / loan obligations in the event of sickness or accident.






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